Exploring the Kimberley: day trips and excursions from our resort


The Kimberely region is a vast area covering 420,000 square kilometers of vibrant red dirt, stunning turquoise waters and remote and historic towns. The Kimberely region comprises endless wonder and excitement across the diverse landscape. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or nature, there’s something for everyone in this special part of Western Australia.

With so much to discover in the Kimberley region, it can be hard to decide where to start first. Here, we’ve planned your itinerary for you to ensure you see the best of what the region has to offer. Find the day trip that suits your preferences and talk to our team at Cable Beach Club for booking information. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in one of Australia’s most unique and captivating destinations—the Kimberley region awaits!

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Family Day Trips

Family Day Trips

Planning a family trip to the Kimberley region is full of endless opportunities and our aim is to simplify the planning process for you while ensuring that your trip is enjoyable and memorable for the whole family. After all, it’s a holiday, and therefore it’s a time to relax and take it easy. With our tips and guidance, you can feel confident in planning your trip to this incredible destination.


Start off the day with a satisfying breakfast from Cable Beach Club’s Cichetti Club. With a thoughtful and filling menu of takeaway bites, your whole family will be catered for with toasties, muffins, croissants, fruit and coffee.

After your meal, prepare for a full day of adventure with our Tour Desk team, who will make things easy and provide all the information you require. Pack your bags with delicious takeaway bites from Kichi Kichi including great options for the little ones so you’re prepared for what the day has in store.

Located only a short drive or long walk away from Cable Beach Club, is Cable Beach! Take a dip in the turquoise waters or relax on the soft, white sand. Kids can build sandcastles whilst you enjoy the impressive views of Broome’s coast. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider renting a stand-up paddleboard or kayak to explore the beach from a different perspective.


For lunch, grab a bite from the array of cafes that line the streets in Broome’s town centre, before taking a stroll through the shops where you’ll find pearlers and art galleries nestled throughout

After lunch, visit Broome’s famous Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park to see these magnificent creatures up close and personal while learning all about their history and personalities; an exciting (and safe) experience for the whole family with great opportunities to take some photos for your family album.


For dinner, indulge in some fresh seafood at the Sunset Bar and Grill, located right on Cable Beach. With stunning ocean views and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a busy day. Watch the sunset as you enjoy a chef-made meal and then stroll to your accommodation when you’ve finished. A perfect finish to a perfect day.

Couple’s Getaway

Couple’s Getaway

Broome is a dreamy and idyllic destination for couples seeking a honeymoon or romantic escape. With its breathtaking sunsets, stunning natural landscapes, and delectable cuisine, it’s a beautiful place for a couple’s getaway. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend of pampering, an adventurous adrenaline-fueled experience, or a culinary journey through the region, Broome has everything to offer. Rest assured that you and your partner will have an unforgettable time, with our carefully planned itinerary taking care of all the details.


Indulge in luxurious living with a stay at one of Cable Beach’s Villas, offering complete seclusion and your very own personal oasis with a private courtyard, plunge pool and spa. Start your day at a leisurely pace and relish the experience of breakfast delivered directly to your doorstep, adding an extra touch of opulence to your holiday.

After a delicious breakfast at our Sunset Grill with a buffet that spans the restaurant, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of natural wonders to explore in Broome. Witness the stunning views of Gantheaume Point, discover the diverse marine and plant life of Roebuck Bay, or venture on a 200km journey to the Dampier Peninsula in the north of Broome. With so many awe-inspiring landscapes to discover, you’ll never run out of options for breathtaking scenery during your stay in Broome.


Indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a scenic helicopter tour over the rugged coastline and stunning landscape of the Kimberley region. Soar high above the vibrant red dirt and gaze in awe at the spectacular natural wonders that await you. Admire the breathtaking views of hidden waterfalls, gorges, and the vast wilderness as you witness the Kimberley from an entirely new perspective. Trust us, there’s simply no better way to experience the region’s awe-inspiring scenery than from the air.

Follow up your adventure with a booking at Cable Beach Club’s contemporary Thai restaurant, Kichi Kichi. Conveniently located beside the pool, this restaurant offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere that is perfect for couples looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy a meal and connect. Sip on a cocktail as you relax on a lounge and take in the stunning views of the resort’s pool area. 


For a truly romantic experience, organise a sunset cruise for you and your partner. With Broome’s iconic coastline, Broome offers some of the most amazing sunset cruises in the world, providing a magical memory for you and your partner. There’s a selection of different cruises to choose from, and our Tour Desk can make sure you choose the right experience for you.

If you don’t eat dinner on your sunset cruise, not to worry, you can Indulge in a romantic dinner at the resort’s loved restaurant, Cichetti Club. With a menu featuring premium local produce including pearl meat sourced in Broome, and fine wine, you’ll enjoy a flavoursome modern Italian menu.

Solo Adventures

Solo Adventures:

Solo travellers will find endless amounts of entertainment in Broome. The town’s laid-back vibe also makes it the perfect place to take it slow and explore. With its beautiful beaches, delicious food options, and warm weather, Broome is an excellent destination for solo travellers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in a unique and welcoming community. 


Wake up to the sounds of the ocean in one of our Studios at Cable Beach Club. With a private balcony, eat your breakfast whilst admiring the surrounding greenery and enjoying the ocean breeze. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the tranquil and rejuvenating ambiance, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised to embark on the countless adventures that await you in Broome.


Broome’s rich history is not to be missed by solo travellers seeking to explore the town’s fascinating past. Choose from the Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour, the Broome town tour or simply take a walk through Chinatown to get a taste of the impressive history. Exploring Broome’s past will give you a deeper appreciation for the local culture and provide insights into how Broome came to be.

As you immerse yourself in Broome’s history, don’t forget to indulge in the local cuisine for lunch. The vibrant Chinatown district is a culinary hub, offering a diverse array of authentic and delicious restaurants that will transport you to the streets of Vietnam, Thailand, China, or Japan. With the town’s close proximity to the sea, be sure to order a selection of fresh and flavoursome seafood dishes. Prepare your tastebuds for a flavour experience that is truly unique to Broome.


After a day of exploring, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage or facial before indulging in a delicious dinner. The Chahoya Spa offers a wide range of exclusive treatments inspired by healing techniques from around the world. From spa treatments, massages, and skin or hair treatments, to finding a peaceful spot to meditate at the Buddha sanctuary, you’re sure to feel refreshed and renewed at the Cable Beach Club.

Once you’ve felt sufficiently pampered, stroll to the Sunset Bar to admire the impressive beach sunset with a beverage and tacos to finish your day. Talk and connect with fellow travellers over a drink or, enjoy the company of a good book. The option is yours when you’re at Cable Beach Club.

Plan your itinerary with Cable Beach Club

The Kimberley region offers an incredible range of activities and experiences for tourists to explore. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, the Broome has a range of day trips and excursions to suit your preferences. There is no shortage of exciting experiences to discover, from exploring the region’s natural landscapes by helicopter to trying out various outdoor activities. With a carefully planned itinerary, guests can be sure to make the most of their time in this unique and captivating destination. 

Here at Cable Beach Club, we pride ourselves on being the ideal location to access the best activities in Broome. We offer a range of carefully curated day trips and excursions that will make the most of your time in Broome, ensuring that your holiday is unforgettable. To organise your holiday, talk with our helpful team at the Tour Desk, we’re experts at crafting unforgettable holidays.

Start planning your Kimberley adventure today!

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