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Home to a rich variety of natural adventures, our tour desk team are ready to kickstart your next adventure.
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Natural Wonders

Broome and the wider Kimberley region is a wonderland of natural adventures and opportunities to explore. Our experienced Tour Desk Team are available to help you plan your next adventure.

Cable Beach is famous for its pristine white sand and crystal clear water, making it one of Australia’s most spectacular beaches. Part of its charm is the many ways you can explore the beach; whether you’re looking to hire a sunbed and umbrella to perch up for the day, exploring the incredible rock formations, driving a 4WD straight onto the beach for sunset or riding on a camel in the popular Sunset Camel Tours, Cable Beach is a must-do and only a short walk from the Resort.

An hour’s beach walk from the Resort and at the tip of Cable Beach, you will find Gantheaume Point. The beauty of the pure blue water brushing up against the deep red of the cliff face with views of the entire bay are breathtaking. Budding palaeontologists will be excited by the dinosaur footprints which can be seen on the north side at low tides and thought to be 130 million years old. We also recommend exploring the many rock pools you’ll find on the point including Anastasia’s Pool.

Set sail along the shoreline of Cable Beach as you experience panoramic views of the famous Broome sunset and see the kaleidoscope of colours from the ocean. Cruise on a catamaran or embark on a historical venture aboard a pearl lugger with a glass of sparkling and canapes in hand.

Roebuck Bay has many visitor attractions, including the town of Broome and Town Beach. The colours created by the tides are astounding. On low tide, the waters disappear to reveal a horizon of mud flats.

Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay, creating an illusion. It can be seen for three nights each month, between March and October.

Described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world”, Horizontal Falls are a must for thrill-seeking tourists which can be experienced by boat or an incredible sight from the air. Situated at Talbot Bay within the Buccaneer Archipelago, this natural phenomenon is formed by the huge tidal movements of up to 10 metres being forced through two narrow gorges. The water builds up on one side of the gap faster than it can flow through, creating a waterfall. With each change of the tide, the direction of the falls reverse from inflow to outflow.

Coconut Well is 25kms from Broome and only accessible by 4WD. The main attraction is the lagoon that fills during a high tide, making for some great drift snorkelling and is one of the best kept secrets in Broome.

Known by the local Indigenous as ‘Ardi’, which means ‘heading north’, the Dampier Peninsula is known for its striking natural landscape which includes wide stretches of secluded and pristine beach. Fish, mud crab or learn about the rich culture and history that surrounds the Dampier Peninsula.

Buccaneer Archipelago is a group of approximately 800 beautifully rugged islands with secluded beaches, crystal clear waters and lush rainforest. Located north of Broome you can experience the stunning scenery by light aircraft or explore the pearl farms and mangroves that fringe the beaches by boat.


Adventure Seekers

Whether you prefer a little adrenaline in your holiday, to absorb yourself in the local culture or to learn about the history of the region, our knowledgeable and experienced Tour Desk Team is pleased to assist you with the below adventures.

Broome’s most iconic experience is a camel ride on Cable Beach. Nowhere else in the world will you take a journey like this as you venture along the shores of Cable Beach and ride on the camel train as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. Morning tours are also available.

Step on board a scenic and prehistoric boat tour, purpose built with a shallow landing vessel to explore 120 million year old dinosaur footprints, secluded bays and meander up the creek inlets. Enjoy idyllic beach landings, wildlife sightings and refreshments with multiple experiences available.

Enter another world through the jaws of a giant saltwater crocodile at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. Get up close and personal with a guided tour to learn about these ancient creatures that inhabit the Kimberley before their famous feeding time highlights some of the largest crocodiles on display in Australia.

Take a scenic flight of discovery through the ancient cultures, incredible gorges and picturesque landscapes of the Kimberley by plane or helicopter. Fly through and land in awe-inspiring remote wilderness locations to share the world’s oldest living culture.

With an endless coastline, the largest tides in the southern hemisphere and countless distinctive marine phenomena, this is truly the adventure of a fisherman’s dream as you spend a day on the Indian Ocean, or through a unique heli fishing adventure. To complete an action packed day, our Chef will cook your catch of the day in the Resort’s luxury setting.

There’s a lot of astonishing land to cover around here and one of the best ways to do it, if you really want to get close to the land, is with a 4WD tour. There are many different routes and tour companies to take you right across the region, and no matter where you go, you’re bound to find something inspiring.

To get a little closer to the sea life and experience something both calming and astounding, why not try Kayaking? There’s no better way to witness the remote rock sculptures, blowholes and sea caves of the beaches and sweeping bays along the Broome Peninsula.

From July to September, cruise the tranquil waters of the Kimberley and view the magnificent giant creatures of the deep in their natural habitat. Humpback whales are the fifth largest of the great whales and if you catch them in a playful mood, they might just put on a spectacular display breaching, rolling and slapping their fins.

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Culture Creatures

Broome is proudly a melting pot of cultures with a fascinating history, which we love to share with guests. To learn more about what makes Broome so special, select an item below.

One of the most popular tourist activities in Broome, the award-winning Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour provides an insight into the fascinating process of modern pearl farming, from shell to showroom. Discover what makes the perfect pearl, enjoy a boat ride on the beautiful azure waters of Willie Creek and view live oysters suspended in their natural environment amongst the native flora and fauna before enjoying a live pearl harvest. End the day with a delicious home-made family recipe damper and refreshments.

There’s certainly a lot of interesting history in Broome’s Town and this is one way to begin to explore the stories and characters that create its charm. From the boom of the pearling days to today, there has been an eclectic mix of people from around the world calling Broome their home. Explore the landmark buildings and learn the stories behind them.

Take a walk through Chinatown as a reminder of Broome’s multicultural history since the pearling crew set up their first camps and corrugated tin sheds in the 1880s. There’s plenty of historical significance and is a boutique retail hub in the heart of Broome’s town centre worth visiting.

World class pearls and pearling luggers define Dampier Terrace as jewellery stores line the street showcasing unique designs and lustrous pearls and diamonds. For those seeking a historical insight to this fascinating industry, head to Streeter’s Jetty which was built for pearl dealers and merchants, known to have been in existence in 1897. A channel cut through the mangroves to Dampier Creek for luggers and other small vessels. You can also admire the fully restored original Pearl Luggers and heritage listed Old Pearlers Quarters.

Sun Pictures is the world’s oldest outdoor cinema, having opened in 1916 and survived the ravages of war, cyclones and king tides. Along with the many movies it has screened, it has its own intriguing stories to tell, and although it has today’s modern technology, it still retains the charming nostalgic feel as you sit on a deck chair under the stars.

Every Saturday morning, the Broome Courthouse is transformed into a local arts, crafts and produce market. Meet Broome’s colourful characters in this cultural setting and purchase a taste of Broome with Kimberley art, creative fashion and delicious treats.

Experience the flavours of locally sourced native botanicals, distilled with tropical monsoon rainwater at Broome’s very own boutique gin distillery. Open six days a week (closed Tuesdays).

If you desire a deeper understanding of the region and people who have been living here for thousands of generations, you need to explore the stories and the significance of the Yuwuru culture. There are numerous important landmarks and traditional stories that help visitors learn, understand and appreciate the spiritual connection First Nations people have to this land.

Many Japanese migrants settled in Broome during the town’s productive pearling industry boom and many of them died as a result. As the largest Japanese Cemetery in Australia, it dates back to 1896. There are over 700 graves, each with a unique headstone crafted from coloured beach rocks. The cemetery is a moving tribute to the lives lost in the early pearling days.

Since 1970, Shinju Matsuri (Festival of the Pearl) has brought to life the cultural diversity, unique history & stunning natural landscapes of Broome, via a series of events that celebrate the sights, sounds & tastes of the region. From a Family Fun day to exclusive long table dinners, live pearl meat cook offs and the Floating Lantern Matsuri, there is plenty to get involved in to enhance your Broome calendar.

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