Eco Tourism In Broome

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Ecotourism in Western Australia, and in particular in the coastal town of Broome, offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the unique and diverse ecosystems of the region while supporting local communities and conservation efforts.

With so many breathtaking natural landmarks within Broome and throughout the Kimberley region, it’s essential Broome businesses and individuals do what they can to preserve the natural environment. For our team at Cable Beach Club, sustainability and ecotourism are core to our operations, continuing to care for and preserve the incredible environment that is the heart and soul of Broome.

This article showcases the commitment of Cable Beach Club to conservation, along with the various ecotourism activities available in and around Broome. 

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Cable Beach Club’s Commitment

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At Cable Beach Club, our team recognises the importance of responsible travel and the need to minimise negative impacts on the environment and the community. As a result, the resort has implemented a range of initiatives and processes to promote eco-friendly and sustainable tourism throughout the resort. 

Overall, Cable Beach Club’s environmental efforts are equivalent to planting more than 3,000 trees per year. We’re proud of these results and we’re determined to continue to innovate and adopt new processes to further reduce our environmental impact. 

Energy Saving

Prioritising energy conservation is critical to Cable Beach Club’s commitment to sustainability, recognising the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to ensure a more sustainable future for both the environment and the business. Solar panels have been installed to reduce the resort’s dependence on fossil fuels, minimising energy production to 500,000kWh per year across the premises, and reducing annual carbon emissions by 320 tonnes.


The resort has installed water-saving measures such as low-flow showerheads, water-wise taps, and dual flush toilets to promote water conservation throughout all operations at Cable Beach Club. The team encourages water recycling systems that capture and treat wastewater, which is then reused for irrigation and other non-potable uses.

Waste Management

The resort has a strong focus on waste management, recycling (including glass and aluminium), and composting. The staff are trained to follow these processes, and guests are encouraged to participate when convenient. Other waste management processes include cardboard compacting, battery recycling, and on-returnable glass recycling that is processed locally and reused in construction. Plastics have been removed from operations where practicable and instead, have been replaced with biodegradable products. 

Supporting community

Community is of utmost importance to Cable Beach Club, and the resort supports local suppliers and partners with organisations to promote conservation and community development initiatives. The resort is committed to educating guests about eco-tourism and sustainability and we encourage guests to participate in environmental activities, such as beach clean-ups and wildlife conservation programs. The resort recycles furniture and equipment for local communities, including over 70 beds, and recently we’ve donated fresh linen, towels, and sanitary products to those affected by the recent floods.

Experience Eco Tourism In Broome

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Whilst you’re enjoying your environmentally conscious stay at Cable Beach Club, you’ll be delighted to discover the many eco-tourism experiences that make up the town. From the incredible untouched natural landmarks spread across the Kimberley region to the diverse wildlife and the stunning coastline that borders the town—Broome has something to offer for all eco-tourists.

Below, we’ve listed a small selection of the many ecotourism destinations in Broome and the surrounding area. Whether you are interested in bird watching, swimming or simply exploring the natural beauty of the region, the options are endless in Broome.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a 22-kilometre-long stretch of white sand with stunning turquoise waters that are home to a variety of wildlife, including sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins and migratory shorebirds

Cable Beach alone provides an endless amount of eco-entertainment. Take your kayak for a paddle along the water, sunbake on the sandbanks, take a dip in the ocean or enjoy a camel ride at sunrise or sunset

We’re lucky to say that our resort resides right beside Cable Beach, allowing guests to admire the sunset whilst they enjoy their breakfast, stroll over to the beach for a quick dip or enjoy the sea breeze from their room’s balcony. It’s a beautiful scene that captures the impressive beauty of Broome. There’s a reason why Cable Beach is recognised as one of the world’s best beaches!

Roebuck Bay

Stretching from Broome’s south towards Cape Villaret, is the impressive Roebuck Bay Marine Park. Roebuck Bay is a shallow, saltwater bay that is recognised as a Ramsar site, an international designation for wetlands of significance. 

The bay is home to a large population of migratory shorebirds, is an important nesting site for sea turtles and boasts pods of the new species of snubfin dolphins. Where red dirt meets the turquoise water, this is a stunning site for all tourists. 

Broome Bird Observatory

On your visit to Roebuck Bay, head to the Broome Bird Observatory to view the migratory  shorebirds. The Observatory is well known for the vast amount of research and education, dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of the local birdlife. 

Visitors can participate in guided birdwatching tours and learn about the different species and their migration patterns.

Gantheaume Point


Gantheaume Point is a rugged headland that offers spectacular views of the white sandy coastline contrasted with the bright red rock. The Point is well known for its 130 million years old dinosaur footprints, which are preserved in reef rock and are visible at low tide. 

This is also a popular spot for wildlife watching, with a variety of bird species, kangaroos, and other animals that call the area home.

Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls are a unique natural phenomenon that has been described by naturalist David Attenborough as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world.” The falls are created by tidal currents that rush through narrow gorges, creating a powerful and awe-inspiring horizontal waterfall

Visitors can witness this incredible spectacle by boat or seaplane which can be organised direct through the Cable Beach Club Tour Desk team.

Coconut Well

Escape to luxury at Coconut Well, a blue tidal lagoon nestled amongst bathtub-sized rock pools. Coconut Well is a small community north of Broome, with the lagoon being a must-visit destination to admire the natural aquarium, soak in the rock pool or go snorkeling to spot the wonderful marine life

It’s recommended that visitors check the tides before visiting as the lagoon fills on a 9 metre or above tide. Also, make sure to wear shoes when climbing on the rocky limestone.

Dampier Peninsula

North of Broome and Roebuck Bay is the Dampier Peninsula, an incredible stretch of white sand, Pindan cliffs and surrounded by the clear Indian Ocean waters. Go fishing, mud crabbing, snorkelling, or simply relax and take in the impressive views.

Access the Peninsula through Cape Leveque Road (20km from Broome), a sealed all-weather road with stops accessible only with a high-clearance 4WD vehicle. 

Buccaneer Archipelago

Off the coast of WA near Derby, resides more than 1,000 tiny islands that make up the Buccaneer Archipelago. Pockets of rainforest, secluded beaches and a fringe of mangroves, the Buccaneer Archipelago is a tropical paradise awaiting your visit

Explore the islands with a boat tour, cruise and/or flight.

Whale Watching

Explore the incredible marine life resting in Broome with a boat tour to see the impressive humpback whales and snubfin dolphins. With over 35,000 whales expected every year, as well as waters homing many snubfin dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, you’re guaranteed to spot incredible sea life

Tours are available during the morning and/or sunset.  

Experience Broome’s Beauty

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Broome and the Kimberley region are full of incredible eco-tourism sites and experiences. With many landmarks completely untouched throughout Broome and the surrounds, the options for eco-activities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday with your partner, a family vacation or an adrenaline-filled adventure—Broome has everything you need within nature. Speak to the Cable Beach Club’s tour desk for any questions on where to begin and/or how to book.

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