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Planning your upcoming vacation? Imagine waking up amidst the lush Thai vegetation, surrounded by exhilarating nature. Later, bask in the warmth of an Indonesian-like sun, lounging on an endless stretch of white sand and crystal-clear blue water. As evening falls, transport yourself to Italy with an Aperol Spritz for aperitivo before indulging in a delightful dinner in Portugal, savouring the best Mediterranean cuisine while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

What if we told you this dream could become your reality at Cable Beach Club? Leave your worries and passport behind, and skip the lengthy flights and the crowded Bali beaches to experience a change of scenery just a few hours from home in one of the most convenient yet stunning destinations: Broome.

No language barriers, no Bali belly to worry about—based in Broome, Cable Beach offers the charm of an overseas trip right at your doorstep. Immerse yourself in comfort and folklore, escaping to a picturesque haven without the need for a long journey.

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Cable Beach: your relaxation destination

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Whether you’re yearning for the adventurous excitement of a European getaway, marvelling at their diverse landscapes or hoping for a more laid-back Eastern-Asia style vacation, basking in the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean, surrounded by flourishing greenery, and indulging in serene spa experiences—know you can find it all at Cable Beach Club.

The sweet escape: Bali on your doorstep

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Considering a getaway to Bali or Thailand for a rejuvenating vacation? Well, consider redirecting your destination to the Cable Beach Club to reset your body and mind without the stress associated with overseas travel.

At Cable Beach Club, we replace the noise of traffic with the sound of the wind in the trees and delicate bird lullabies. Our resort serves as a verdant sanctuary, housing century-old baobabs, mango trees, palms, and frangipanis adorning our walkways. This lush environment attracts a variety of birds, wallabies, and other wildlife providing a refreshing escape from the urban hustle. 

Nestled just a few metres from the renowned Cable Beach, one of the world’s most stunning coastal gems, our location boasts pristine white sand, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking sunsets that will truly captivate you.

Should wandering through native plants and wildlife or strolling along the coastline not suffice for the inner peace you seek, Cable Beach Club features its own Buddha Sanctuary. Guarded by a 3.5-meter-tall hand-carved Buddha, this ornamental garden offers the perfect setting for relaxation, reflection, and meditation.

Balancing your mental well-being is as essential as pampering your body. At our Chahoya Day Spa & Salon, experience exclusive treatments inspired by healing traditions from around the world and let yourself sink into relaxation.

Beach and bush hikes: European landscapes diversity

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For those with an adventurous spirit craving once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Cable Beach Club has just what you’re looking for. Nestled in the breathtaking Kimberley region, we offer a diverse range of landscapes that even Europeans envy. 

Whether you’re yearning for a challenging hike through the rugged desert terrain, seeking the thrill of witnessing majestic whales in their natural habitat, we’ve got plenty of options available for you to revel in the red, rocky, and arid beauty of our land, as well as the invigorating clear blue waters of our beaches.

To help you navigate this vast array of opportunities available, our Tour Desk is at your service. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to recommend the best hikes, bushwalks, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, we can arrange incredible adventures, including whale-watching excursions, 4WD tours, scenic flights, and camel walks.

Family Holidays: stay close, get closer

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Navigating the challenge of keeping kids entertained on a lengthy flight to destinations like Japan, Paris, or Mexico may not be something you’re eager to face every holiday season. For those seeking a change of scenery without the burden of long-distance travelling, consider Cable Beach Club as your ideal family getaway.

Situated just a few metres from the renowned Cable Beach, we provide the perfect escape for family bonding by the coast. Whether it’s building sandcastles, surfing waves, or strolling along the beach as the sun sets, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy.

With the Kimberley region for background, we’re a short distance from accessible natural wonders like the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Dampier Peninsula, and the Horizontal Falls. We are also just a few metres away from exciting experiences such as whale watch excursions and camel walks.

On those leisurely days when you just want to unwind at the resort, we have a wealth of offerings. Our family pool, surrounded by tropical gardens, features a waterfall and a spa for added enjoyment. For a relaxing and bonding experience with the kids, our mini-golf course is an ideal spot.

Our resort boasts a dedicated playground where kids can run free, play, and make lasting memories with new friends—ensuring that your family holidays at Cable Beach Club are truly unforgettable.

So, ready to skip customs for cocktails in your new local favourite destination? 

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