5 Reasons You Should Visit Broome: the best place to visit in WA

With 22 kilometers of untouched white sand edged by the rich turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean—it’s no wonder why Broome is a popular tourist destination for both travellers within Australia as well as internationally.

Situated in Western Australia, Broome—and Cable Beach in particular—is a major tourist drawcard for the Kimberley region. Coastal views, ideal weather, nature experiences and more, it’s easy to justify a visit to this stunning town.

Although the reasons why you should visit Broome are endless, here we’ve managed to condense the list down to the top 5. Discover the top 5 reasons you should visit Broome below.

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1. Cable Beach


Broome’s Cable Beach is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination that is the heart and soul of Broome. Powdery white sand, fluorescent blue waters and a rich and healthy ocean life that has become world-recognised. In fact, Cable Beach has placed 11th in Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Beaches In The World (2022) for these reasons, offering a pocket of paradise amongst the expansive red dirt of the Kimberley region.

If you’re visiting Broome, you won’t miss the stunning Cable Beach coastline. To ensure you make the most of this natural beauty, we recommend booking your stay here at Cable Beach Club, the go-to Broome hotel for those who are seeking to experience coastal relaxation at its finest, and the only accommodation that is on Cable Beach. Wake up to the sounds of the ocean crashing, feel the warmth of the sun on your balcony or hideaway amongst the tropical gardens of the resort. There’s no better way to experience Cable Beach than at Cable Beach Club.

2. A Melting Pot Of Cuisine

Broome is a melting pot of cultures, where different ethnic groups have come together to create a unique blend of traditions, customs and—most importantly—cuisine.

Originally founded as a pearling port in the late 1880s, the coast of Broome attracted a diverse mix of migrants from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world, who came to find fortune in the pearling industry. This has resulted in a rich cultural tapestry that is reflected most prominently in the town’s diverse selection of food.

When you stay at Cable Beach, you’ll take your tastebuds on a culinary tour across the globe. Showcasing the glorious seafood caught along the Cable Beach coast, every dish is fresh, and rich in flavour and which showcases the incredible sea life along the coast. Order the local specialty Pearl Meat at Cichetti Club or, enjoy the sweet and spicy flavour-packed Thai dishes at Kichi Kichi. Coming soon, Cable Beach Club will be opening the highly anticipated Japanese restaurant Ikigai, nodding to the rich Japanese culture intertwined in Broome.

3. Spectacular nature

Western Australia harbours some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the world. From impressive sandstone cliffs to vibrant green forestry and let’s not forget the impressive beaches that are in a league of their own! Naturescapes are spread across the state with Broome offering a spectacular sample of WA’s best.

Some of the most noteworthy naturescapes in Broome include Roebuck Bay, Coconut Well, Dampier Peninsula, Buccaneer Archipelago and Horizontal Falls. Many of these locations offer accompanying tours that can be arranged through the Cable Beach Club tour desk where our team will take the stress out of organising and book everything to suit your needs and preferences for an incredible experience.

From the land to the sea, exploring nature alone will fill up your holiday with awe-inspiring experiences.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Broome

4. Cultural heritage

Broome has a rich cultural history that continues to resonate throughout the town today.

A trip to Broome isn’t complete without appreciating the indigenous culture that runs through the town. 40% of Broomes population are First Nations persons, comprising a vast range of languages, stories and heritages. From the natural landmarks, the flora and the fauna—there are many stories and lessons to be shared by the local Aboriginal people. Chat further with the Cable Beach Club desk to book a tour.

With the town exempt from Australia’s Immigration Restriction Act in 190, Broome welcomed immigrants from Malaysia, the Philippines, China and Japan who lived, worked and brought life to the area. Today, this embracing of multiculturalism continues with Broome’s Chinatown being a lively, unique and popular spot to visit.

When you’re exploring Broome, you’ll also discover the town’s rich history in pearl farming. When the discovery of pearl oyster beds was made in 1883, the town became the centre of a prosperous pearling trade. Today, pearling continues with Broome’s impressive coastline delivering some of the most captivating and timeless gems for renowned WA brands. Boat tours, showroom visits and unique pearl experiences are available to book.

5. Cable Beach Club

Where you stay on your trip plays an important part in your holiday experience. Although you will most likely be out and about exploring Broome’s sites, you will want to retreat to a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious room to unwind from your day’s adventures. Here is where Cable Beach Club offers everything you need at one resort.

From the restaurants and dining experiences to the wide selection of different rooms available as well as the resort’s own wellness spa—you’ll have everything you need within the resort to ensure you feel rejuvenated to take on the next day’s adventure.


It’s time you visited Broome

There are so many reasons to visit Broome, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t stayed before!

If you want to begin planning your trip, talk with our team at Cable Beach Club. We can provide you with all of the information you need to ensure your trip to Broome is made perfect. It’s time you experienced WA’s most beautiful coastal town, book your trip today.

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