A spectacular and unique setting deserves cuisine equally as impressive

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On the 26th January 2015, Thai Pearl closed its doors for the last time to make room for ‘Rambutan’, the latest innovation at Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa. 

Rambutan will embrace the best of Thai Pearl’s legacy – vibrant South East Asian cuisine, with a broader range of influences and a fresh approach.  The transition is integral to the Resort embracing local synergies between the Malay/Singaporean/Indonesian concept of ‘Rambutan’, which speaks to the history of Broome.

In addition to the historical significance, aligning the restaurant with the diverse Malay culture allows forays into Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Malay cuisine – a much more interesting overall palate than simply drawing from one culture.

The menu at Rambutan will capture something to suit everyone’s taste buds; light, fragrant, spicy, savory and sweet.  Our Chefs and staff’s understanding of cuisine in the South East Asian region is vast and Rambutan will allow them to explore a fusion of influences rather than restricting them to one country of origin.


Rambutan will open in March 2015.